Help hospitality workers in their time of need!

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Who You Help

The BCHF is a charity that supports hospitality workers facing financial crisis due to a health condition. These are the people who work in your favourite restaurants, wineries, breweries, bars, and hotels. Often with limited access to benefits or financial aid, our beneficiaries have nowhere else to turn if a health condition arises. Your support has a meaningful impact by getting them back on their feet again. We also provide a strong scholarship program for future leaders in the industry.

Winner Announcement


Rules of Play

Lottery License #RAF-131745

  1. The 50/50 draw will take place from January 13, 2022 to February 23, 2022. Draw to take place on February 24, 2022 at 12:00pm at 208 East 21st Street, North Vancouver, B.C.
  2. Draws:
    • Draw 1: Ticket sales from March 1, 2022, to April 4, 2022, with the draw to be held on April 5.
    • Draw 2: Ticket sales from April 11, 2022, to May 16, 2022, with the draw to be held on May 17.
    • Draw 3: Ticket sales from May 25, 2022, to June 20, 2022, with the draw to be held on June 21.
    • Draw 4: Ticket sales from July 6, 2022, to July 28, 2022, with the draw to be held on July 29.
    • All draws to be 12:00 noon at Dana Lee Consulting Ltd., 208 East 21st Street, North Vancouver, B.C.
  3. Must be 19 years or older to purchase a 50/50 ticket.
  4. Must be in BC at the time of purchase.
  5. After buying, patrons will receive a confirmation e-mailed with their 50/50 registered numbers from a Random Selection System. No specific numbers can be given as numbers are generated randomly.
  6. Tickets will be available at online at .
  7. Tickets are 5 for $10, 20 for $20, 150 for $40, 250 for $75.
  8. Tickets will be sold using computer software that utilizes an Electronic Raffle System (ERS) GPEB certified software random number generator (RNG), supplied by (Ascend).
  9. The winning number will be announced (online, telephone and email).
  10. The winner may claim their prize by contacting BC Hospitality Foundation by phone at: (604)-986-3256 , or by email at . The prize claimant will be required to sign a Declaration and Release ("Release") which must be executed and returned to BC Hospitality Foundation no later than five (5) business days after his/her receipt of the Release. In the event a claimant: (a) does not notify BC Hospitality Foundation within 1 year of the drawing; (b) is ruled ineligible for any reason; (c) refuses the prize; or (d) does not return an executed Release, the prize will be placed in safekeeping for a period of one year from the date of the draw. If at that time the prize has not been claimed, the prize or cash equivalent to the fair market value of the prize may be donated to an eligible organization or used towards a similar, future draw when approved by GPEB. All prizes will be sent to the winner via cheque within thirty (30) days of the winner delivering the executed Release. For security and safety reasons, no cash payments will be made to the winners.
  11. Selection of Winner. Upon the conclusion of the Purchase Period, the BC Hospitality Foundation will use the System to randomly generate one winning ticket number from among the numbers associated with purchased tickets. The Raffle will be conducted by a BC Hospitality Foundation staff member and supervised by a member of the Board of Directors of the BC Hospitality Foundation, and the decisions of that person shall be final and binding. The BC Hospitality Foundation is responsible for contacting, and must make every effort to notify, prize winners. Within 10 days of the selection of prize winners, excluding calendar and single day raffles, the organization must notify prize winners of the results, this notice must explain how the prize can be claimed and make public the winners’ names, ticket number(s) and prizes won.
  12. If a situation causes a delay or prevents a draw from occurring the BC Hospitality Foundation will send out a notice of the substitution date via email notification to all ticket buyers and the details posted on the website.
  13. All ticket sales are final. Once a ticket has been purchased, refunds will not be granted. The only exception would be in the unlikely event the raffle is cancelled. At that point BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement rules and guidelines will be followed for proper reimbursement to all ticket buyers. The liability of the licensee of this raffle shall be limited to the purchase price of the ticket(s).
  14. To file a complaint, please contact .
  15. The following individuals are not eligible to participate in the 50/50 draws: (Board members and staff).
  16. Guaranteed minimum prize for the draw is $1,000.
  17. Any questions on the raffle may be directed to .